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Sunday, June 25, 2006

Do You Need To Potty?

Do you need to potty?

Do you find yourself asking your potty training child if they have to go potty many times a day only to have them say no and then immediately have a potty accident? Do not get discouraged; I did the same thing. It seemed as if I only had time to clean up potty accidents and change my child’s clothes all day.

Since then, I have learned one thing about potty training; that is to never ask if a child needs to go potty. The answer will always be no. This no will soon be followed by a potty accident.

Children at the age of 2 years or younger think the answer to most questions is no. Therefore, it is best to say, "Let’s go to the potty." instead of "Do you need to go potty?"

At daycare we take the children, who are potty training, to the potty every hour or hour and a half. We also take them only two or three at a time. The children who can hold it longer are asked to wait while the ones who are still learning to hold it go first. This one thing will teach them patience and will also teach them that we have to take turns.

Also by taking the children to the potty, instead of just asking them to tell us if they need to potty, the children get on a regular schedule which helps them to potty train easier. One more thing, when you ask your child if he needs to potty, you put the thought of going to potty in his head. This triggers his body to react, causing him to have a potty accident; even though he said he did not need to potty.

Therefore, instead of asking, you can say, "Let’s go to the potty." If you are using a reward system, remind him of what his reward is for going to the potty. Remember, be patient, laugh a lot, and help your child to have a wonderful potty training experience.



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