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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Imagination And Potty Training

Imagination and potty training

Make potty training fun for you and your child. Children learn through play and pretending. They love to pretend to be one of their parents, and this helps to make the potty training experience fun and exciting.

Since children want to be like their parents, let your child use their imagination while potty training. Allow your child to be in charge of potty training one of his toys while he also learns to use the potty. As your child potty trains his toy, he gains an understanding of what you are working to teach him.

As your child potty trains their toy he will learn the skills he needs to know for him to use the potty. Your child will also have fun; children want to have fun no matter what the task may be. Therefore make going to the potty fun, and your child will be more eager to use the potty.

Remember to be consistent, give positive encouragement, and have fun as you potty train your child.



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