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Friday, July 07, 2006

Get Plenty Of Water For Summer

It is summer time. It’s a time for fun in the sun.

Children love to be outside playing in the sun. They also need to be getting plenty of fluids to drink during these hot summer days.

Parents make sure your child gets plenty of water to drink when they are playing outside. Children can dehydrate quickly and need to be reminded to take a break and get a drink. Water is the best to drink but juices are also good. Juices need to be 100% juice without additives. Carbonated drinks should be avoided.

To know if your child is getting plenty of fluids pay attention to how often he goes to the potty and the color of his urine. If he is only going every two hours or longer and his urine is a dark yellow, chances are he is not getting enough fluids. Pay attention and give your child lots of water.

Whenever you are outside have plenty of water available to drink. This is especially important if you are on the beach or at the lake in a boat. Be careful, have fun in the sun, and drink lots of water.

One more thing, every time your child uses the potty make sure you take him to the kitchen for a cool glass of water.



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