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Friday, August 11, 2006

Teaching Fun And Better Behavior

Teaching fun and better behavior

Children have to take many steps to become an individual all on his own. You have already watched as your child learned to get around with very little help from you. Now you are facing new challenges. You may be potty training your child or you may be in the next step of helping your child learn his alphabet and numbers.

Whatever you are facing you can help your child accomplish his goal in learning. You are your child’s first teacher and mentor. Your child wants to be like you and he wants to please you in every way possible.

To help your child do this you must be clear in what it is you wish for him to learn. If you are potty training your little darling here is an e-book that I have found to be very helpful to many parents.

Westra Potty Training Book

If you want ways to help your child learn while playing here is a site you may find useful. This e-book will show you ways to make learning fun. It will help to develop your child’s mental and physical development by helping him to become more confident and outgoing.
Toddler Play Book

For you who would like help with learning how to handle behavior this Better Behavior Wheel
can help to change the atmosphere in your home. Your child’s homework will get done and there will be less arguing between your children.

Whatever stage your child is at, learn with him and have fun!



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