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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Potty Training Frustrations

Frustrations with potty training are very common. Children resisting, refusing to use the potty or even just to poop happen everyday all over the world. Parents often feel like a failure especially when their friends and family make a comment or another child the same age is already potty trained.

One thing a parent must know is that they are not alone. If you are frustrated as is your child then take a step back from potty training for at least a few days. Find other things to do that will distract you from thinking about potty training. Allow yourself to relax and for your child to as well.

I understand parents are scrambling to get their child potty trained before school begins, before a big move or even before a baby arrives. The more you push the more they will push back. If a child is excessively resisting it's time to let go and work on other things. As difficult as this may be, it is so important to take a step back.

Potty training is a huge milestone for a child. What a parent does can leave a lasting impression on them. Changing an attitude to a more positive one where it is believable that their child will be potty trained soon and imagining what it is like already can make a huge difference. Praising a child for all efforts made helps. Rewarding them for trying helps.

And rewarding is NOT bribing. It's telling the child I appreciate your efforts and lets try again. Give bonuses for successful attempts such as extra treats, and make a BIG deal out of it. Motivate your child to keep trying.

Think about this: your child is just learning how to use the potty. In the future they will be trying many other things. Motivating them leaves a lasting impression on them for the future. They'll know if they keep trying and trying eventually things will work out.

A child may scream and cry out of frustration, being distracted, tired, fear or even sickness. Does your child find comfort in a toy? Then integrate it into potty training. Do they have favorite shows they watch on tv or a favorite movie? Then put the small potty in front of the tv. GRAB their attention!

Potty accidents are inevitable. Continue praising them even when they have accidents. Don't make them feel bad for something they are learning about. Reassure them it is OK while having them help you clean it up. This alone can deter them quickly from having anymore accidents.

Be consistent. Time and time again I receive emails from parents at wits end because they immediately expect their child to tell them they need to go potty. This is a super high expectation in the beginning! Take your child to the potty and keep doing it until they start to make the effort to tell you they need to go. This may take a week to a few weeks to even montths. They will eventually get it down and be independent.

Be patient. As much as we want our children to learn things quickly, all children are different. Make potty training a positive fun experience. Hug your child often and view this time as a wonderful time to bond even more with them.

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