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Saturday, August 08, 2009

Potty Training

"I think my child is getting ready for potty training..."

So many parents, particularly first time ones look to us at pottytrainingsite.com for questions regarding potty training. They want to know what to do to begin potty training their child. Other times it is a second time parent perhaps with a child of the opposite sex of their first one, just like me.

I remember with my oldest child, my daughter Shiloh, that I had many friends, family and co-workers giving me advice on potty training. Some of her friends were already potty trained and I was beginning to feel behind. One friend though reassured me that she would get potty trained at the right time. And she did. At 2 1/2 she was potty trained.

So when my son Caleb arrived, I thought when he is old enough for potty training it will go as smooth as it did with his sister. Wrong! At first things were going great with him sitting and peeing on the potty here and there. Then our world got turned upside down with the separation of his dad and I, loss of a job and later, a new baby arrived. Caleb began resisting potty training for over a year and a half. Countless times I tried resuming potty training and it failed. I was becoming miserable, pressured and feeling like a bad mom.

I finally took a break and focused on other things that helped me feel better such as college. Within a few months thanks to the advice of a friend who has worked with hundereds of toddler children and potty training, Caleb was potty trained!

As a mom of three, from my own experience it is so important that parents are ready for potty training. If you are not in the right mindset that includes a positive attitude, it's not the right time. Girls can potty train between the ages of 18 months and 3 years while boys can potty train from 2 to 3 1/2. Now with that said, potty training a child varies. There are some parents who as soon as their child is walking will have them potty trained. Others discover their child has a medical issue or a developmental delay contributing to problems potty training. Be aware of how your child is acting about potty training. If you are concerned about a dealy with potty training speak to the pediatrican or even his/her nurse.

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