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Sunday, August 02, 2009

After Potty Training

What happens once you get your child consistently going to the potty? Well, many things can happen. Most children will continue on smoothly while others will hit bumps in the road. There are also the times when they have accidents every so often. It's all common and it is okay.

Reassuring your child that it is okay after an accident or a time when they go backwards is so important. Keep it as positive as possible and always praise them for their efforts.

Just today my youngest son who is 4 years old (and been potty trained for six months) had an accident while we were eating lunch at Burger King. I had just taken him to the potty prior to eating and he went pee. A few minutes after going to the play area he informs me he pooped in his pants.

Kids around his age or a little older were staring at him because he obviously smelled. I let him know nicely that he needed to tell me when he has to go potty otherwise the other children will smell him and say something. It upset him and rightfully so.

He didn't like the fact he had soiled his underwear and that I had to clean him. There is also nothing like trying to take your child's soiled underwear off of him and then getting some of it on you in the process.

It wasn't fun for me although my son got a laugh in. I wasn't mad though. I just wanted him to understand he has to tell me when he need to go both pee pee and poo poo.

And yes, I scrubbed my wrist and hands very well.

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