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Monday, June 29, 2009

Potty Training

Potty training is an exciting milestone for some families. In mine, for my first born it was an exciting time. I was looking forward to her being in panties and us getting to do more things outside of home. We could save money by no longer buying pull ups.

For some though, potty training puts a strain on the family. Moms and dads want their child potty trained Now leaving them with very little to no patience for resistance. My second child I thought would potty train on time. I bought him a small potty and he used it to go pee. Then some major transitions struck our household and he went backwards.

A year and a half of potty training went by and I was frustrated, humiliated and at wits end. He was nearing his fourth birthday plus Headstart Pre-K would not accept him unless he was potty trained. I felt hopeless for a time. I learned through this wonderful method I promote that however I am feeling so is my child. I learned some very, very simple techniques that helped me get my son potty trained in ONE weekend!

I encourage parents if they are curious about potty training or working on potty training with some struggles to sign up for our weekly newseltter Here. OR go ahead and buy our e-book with the entire story about my struggles with potty training and how my son and I got through potty training. Purchase Now

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