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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Potty Training Problems

What do you do when a child who has been potty training successfully suddenly starts wetting and/or soils their pants?

If you are currently potty training and you start relying on your child to let you know they need to use the potty this is a big issue. While you are working on potty training it is best for the parent to be taking their child to the potty every time.

Honestly I am amazed at the amount of parents who decide to start relying on their child telling them they need to go potty whether it is during the potty training process or right after they have successfully accomplished it.

My youngest son Hunter will be turning 4 in two weeks. Almost six months ago he potty trained yet I still have to remind or take him most of the time. Granted he is getting better telling me he has to go. According to my friend Janice who has worked with preschoolers for nearly 25 years now, expecting a child to tell you they have to go potty or them going on their own is a high expectation. Working on consistency continues even after you accomplish potty training. It takes both the parent and child working together for awhile before using the potty becomes a normal routine.

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