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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Potty Training Tips

Is my child ready for potty training?

I often get asked this question by parents all over the world.

It really depends on your child's readiness for potty training. Some children can potty train around 18 months while it may take another year or even two years for some children to get potty trained.

Parents must also be up to the challenges that can occur with potty training. If you are getting ready for a big transition within a few months you must know that it is going to take a lot of consistency and dedication even after you get your child successfully potty trained to keep it going successful. Having a baby, moving, a parent taking on a new job or even the death of a loved one can throw a child's behavior off siginificantly.

Parents often email me telling me their child was potty training wonderfully until dad or even mom took on a new job. Or moms are expecting a baby within the next few months and they want their child out of diapers or pull ups. If you are stressed, tense or frustrated right now, then prepare yourself for potty training rather than just diving in!

We thoroughly discuss what to do before, during and after potty training including when there may be potty accidents. Our book is dedicated to both potty training boys and potty training girls. Together our team has over 40+ years of experience working with children, including our own.

I highly recommend taking advantage of our Super Summer Sale as it will be ending July 1st. For only $7 you can get yourself and your child ready for potty training. Take a week to read the book and then if you feel you are ready for potty training (and your child too) then begin!

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