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Monday, August 10, 2009

Effective Potty Training for Boys

There came a time in my life that I literally thought I was a failure as a parent. My son refused to use the potty. I had friends and family on my case all the time lecturing me about being stern with him and that I was being too weak on him. I had just became a single parent of three kids with the youngest a newborn baby.

Caleb's dad and my ex husband used every excuse in the world to not take time out to visit with him. "He is not potty trained. When he is I will start taking him places."

I was exhausted, feeling like I was at wits end and I never thought Caleb would Ever potty train. It was humiliating enough that neighborhood kids as well as his sister would come in and tell me Caleb had pooped in his pants. Caleb was nearing his fourth birthday and kids were making fun of him already.

I wanted him in Headstart Pre-K but they would not accept him until he was potty trained.

Had it not been for meeting an acquaintance at church I cannot imagine what my life would have been. That acquaintance turned out to be the owner of pottytrainingsite.com and author of a very popular and effective e-book on potty training in three days.

Both he and his wife sat down with me listening to my story. I was just about willing to scrape up what money I could to pay them to potty train Caleb. Instead they gave me a couple of potty training tips to try. If it didn't work they were willing to take Caleb home with them and get him potty trained. But they knew it would work.

The first thing I had to do was step back. I was stressed, frustrated, pressured and nearly depressed that my son was almost four and not potty trained. I had to focus on other things that made me feel good. I had to build myself up to a level that I was an effective potty training teacher for my son and giving him the feelings he can be potty trained.

I let Caleb pick out a favorite toy to take with him to the potty. He loved getting to do this. It was comforting as well as entertaining for him.

In ONE weekend (three days) he was potty trained! It took a change in attitude, preparation, a way to encourage Caleb to try going (in this case, a favorite toy) and a lot of praise.

After this I was Very happy and glad the ton of bricks on my back finally fell off. I was glad to throw away the pull ups and buy more underwear. Caleb felt good about himself and eager to start Pre-K.

At Pottytrainingsite.com we care about you. We all understand the difficulties, frustrations, setbacks and even the developmental delays that go with potty training, especially boys. We offer unconditional support through our blogs, 7 week email series, email support and our e-book plus our home website.

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