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Thursday, November 09, 2006

Little Boys Need To Have Confidence When Potty Training

Make Your Child Feel Confident

I have a little boy in my class who has just started wearing "big boy" underwear. At first he wasn’t sure that he liked wearing underwear to daycare. He had been sick for a few days just before his parents decided to take him out of diapers.

So not only had he been sick and missed a few days of daycare but now he had to give up his security of wearing diapers. When he came back to daycare he wanted to go home. He had to get used to being in daycare again. He also wanted to take his pull-ups home with him.

What we decided to do was to let him wear a pull up at daycare until he was secure being with us again. He finally decided he didn’t want to wear a pull-up. He ended up not making it to the potty in time and he wet his clothes. This seemed to upset him and all he would say is Mommy and Daddy won’t be proud.

I told him that his Mommy and Daddy would still be proud of him for doing his best and staying dry. This calmed him and allowed him to relax. His Daddy told him when he picked him up at daycare that he was proud that he had stayed dry most of the day. This made the little boy smile. Since then he has continued to keep his underwear dry and he is happy to wear his "big boy" underwear to daycare.

Therefore, when you are potty training your child do like these parents and make sure that your child knows that you are happy and proud of him when he does his best at staying dry.



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