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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Boys And Girls Want Attention

Attention getter

I have a child in my daycare class who likes to take things away from the other children and claim it as his very own. He especially likes to do this to one particular child. This child is a very quiet child and when the other child takes something from him he usually holds out his hand expecting to get back what he had.

Sometimes the child will give the item back, but most of the time he watches for my reaction. If I intervene he will throw the item at the other child and then push the child out of his way or he will hit the other child. This of course gets him in time out, but it also gets him what I think he really wants and that is attention.

Has your child ever done something whether you see it as good or bad just to get your attention? You usually will see this when there are two or more children in a family. What do you do? As a teacher I have to make sure that all the children are treated fair and that all the children get my attention some time during the day. Even if it is only for a short moment I make sure that I spend time on an individual basis with each child.

As a parent of two boys I also know how important this attention is to children. All children want to be loved and accepted, and they all want attention. However it is easy to let so many things clutter our day that we find we are spending less time with our children and more time on things.

So today I encourage you to spend time with each child and let some things go, at least for today. Make a child smile and you will smile with him and you will also be filled with joy. Like the child I mentioned in the beginning, the one who holds out his hand expecting to get back what is his, your child is holding out his hand expecting you to take hold of it and give him just a small portion of your time. This is time that he is saying belongs to him.



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