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Monday, October 02, 2006

Changing Tables

A guide to using a potty training chart

Some of the parents who are using Janice's "How to potty train you child in one weekend" course have asked us about potty training charts which we do not use in the course.

The reason a potty training chart is not used in the course it because it is not needed for success.

Also, we find that trying to fit your child's behavior in to the orthogonal table grid of a potty training chart just causes more potty training problems and frustrations that you bought the course to avoid.

Janice's method is based on the emotional connection between the parents and children and the natural tendencies of a child to seek to behave as his parents expect him to.

However, a potty training chart can be useful in preparing for potty training and determining if your child is ready for a weekend training session to eliminate diapers from your life forever.

By charting diaper changes on a data table and establishing the frequency of urination and bowel movements, you can better prepare yourself for a weekend training session by establishing your child's natural rhythms. You can also establish the normal variations from these rhythms.

Armed with this data, you will know when to expect your child will need to potty and know when to prompt them with less trial and error time. You might knock out your training session in half a day rather than having to spend all weekend.

If you are skilled in statistics, you could use a data tool like Excel to establish normal parameters and the standard variation. However, it might be easier for some to simply observe their children and intuitively know when it is time to go potty.

So if you want to use a potty training chart, begin using it to record the frequency of diaper changes before you begin potty training. Use it as a data collection tool rather than a learning aid for your child.

For more information on potty training charts see http://www.pottytrainingsite.com/free_potty_training_chart.htm



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