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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Potty Training Preparation tip

Remembering the Future Exercise

In Janice's "Potty Train your child in one weekend" course, she talks about the importance of getting yourself prepared for the potty training session. Many parents cause problems and frustrations for themselves by attacking potty training without the proper preparations.

I have recently developed a trick to help me get more intuitive information for any problem I desire to solve. I think this trick will help many parents who are doing as Janice suggests and are mentally preparing themselves for the potty trainer role.

I call it "remembering the future" and here is an example of how to apply it to potty training:

Imagine yourself a year from now telling someone about your potty training experience. Imagine in as much detail as possible as you recall the events of the potty training session to your friend.

Tell her how you were at first skeptical that you could potty train in just one weekend after all the frustration you had experienced. But you decided to buy Janice's course anyway.

Tell her about the steps you took to mentally prepare yourself including this remembering the future exercise. Tell her how your fears evaporated instantly as you imagined your child playing in clean dry clothes and telling you when she need to go potty.

Tell her about the fun you had acting out your role in the potty training process and how your child's imagination was such a key part of the process.

Then tell her how proud you were of your child going to preschool on Monday morning in her big girl panties. And you were not even amazed at how easy it was because the whole weekend unfolded so naturally in a step by step manner toward you desired goal.

Notice any ideas that pop into your head while you remember your imagined experience. If you recall any sticking points, think of how you could have prevented them. Change the story to reach a successful conclusion while having as much fun as possible.

Make sure you can get through the whole story successfully before you begin the actual training. Otherwise the future you imagined just may well come back to bite you.

Enjoy your potty training experience.



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