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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Where to stop when you need to go

Free Potty finders travel guide

When traveling with small children, especially those who are just getting the hang of potty training, you need to know where the restrooms are and how to access them quickly.

I have found an interesting and helpful guide that you can get for free. This is a real travel guide by Arthur Frommer. It lists suggested sights to see in several large cities and more importantly where the public restrooms are located.

He also gives tips on traveling in the major national forests and the locations of the restrooms there. I liked his tip about using a tree while hiking. I picked that one up years ago.

You will have to register as someone who has urinary problems, but it is worth the trouble to get the guide.

The guide comes in a fancy pouch that you can place in the glove box of your car. Obviously pharmaceutical companies have lots of money for advertising.

Please don't consider this an endorsement for Novartis, but I do think their guide is worth the cost.

Get the free guide at




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