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Thursday, November 02, 2006

Potty Train And Get Rid Of Diapers

Ready To Get Out Of Diapers

Today I had something that was cute and funny in my class. This is the class where we spend a big part of the time potty training. It is during these times that funny little things happen.

Today I had a little girl wake up from naptime to inform me that she no longer would need to have her diaper changed. She was now going to use the potty and not her pull-up. Now this wasn’t out of the ordinary for her to make this statement. However, a few minutes later she was by my side jumping from one foot to the other on her toes saying, "I need to pee-pee. Now!"

I got another teacher to come to the room and take her to the potty, and believe it or not she actually was able to wait and hold her pee-pee until she got to the potty. This may not sound very funny to you, but if you have every had to go really bad and had no place to potty I’m sure you spent a little time bouncing back and forth on your toes also.

I was proud that she tried so hard to not use her diaper. Most of the children in my class are doing very well at potty training. The parents are happy with the progress that their child makes form diapers to underwear.

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