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Monday, October 23, 2006

What To Do At Halloween

Halloween Fun

Halloween is next week and the children are getting excited for their night of getting lots and lots of candy. However you are unsure about letting your little one approach someone on that night to say trick or treat. You are trying to teach your little one to stay away from strangers and now you are faced with Halloween the night you may remember when you were allowed to go door to door and ask for candy.

What do you do? Nowadays many towns offer fun things for parents to do with their children on Halloween. Communities work to make this a safe and fun time by offering block parties on the Town Square. Neighbors get together to turn the neighborhood into a place where parents can bring their children and know that they will be safe and will receive lots of treats that are safe to eat.

This is done in the town where I live. Each year thousands turn out for the block party where pickup trucks are lined up loaded with bags of candy, which has been donated by a local candy company. The children not only get candy but also they can participate in a costume contest and walk to a close neighborhood where many are waiting outside their homes to hand out more candy.

Vendors also set up booths where they sell food such as bar-b-que and funnel cakes. Others set up booths where parents can take their children to get free pictures made of their children in their cute Halloween costumes. The town even has a haunted house for all those brave people who wish to be scared by ghosts and gouls.

Around here there is lots to do on Halloween night where parents and children can go out and have a fun and safe time. What about where you live? What do you do on Halloween night with your children?




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