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Monday, August 17, 2009

Most Effective Potty Training

Whether you are preparing to potty training or dealing with the ups and downs of potty training the one thing you should know is that you are not alone.

Yes, potty training can be totally frustrating for some parents. It was for me as I was trying to potty train my now seven year old son Caleb. I thought I was failure, I was being pressured to get him potty trained and it was embarassing to take him anywhere knowing there was a high chance he would have an accident.

If you are frustrated with potty training, then stop potty training right now. Take a step back and prepare yourself. How, you ask? Take the time to read through the blogs here or visit our sister blog site or you can visit our home site HERE and sign up for our seven week potty e-course series. Another option is to consider purchasing our guaranteed Potty training e-book. There are so many options at pottytrainingsite.com that you can choose from. After all, you are not alone.

Spend some time preparing yourself for potty training along with great ideas to grab your child's attention to get their cooperation. Potty training is about having a positive attitude along with consistency.

As a child gets older they look to expand their independence. When mom or dad tells them they have to do something, they want to resist and do it their way. Potty training is no different. As a child gets older they don't want to sit down on the potty every hour for a few minutes. It cuts into their play time, tv time, outside time and any other fun things that are taking place. Parents must be creative with potty training. As I mentioned before, you want to be creative.

If you are frustrated, take a step back for awhile. Children pick up on a parent being frustrated. They'll resist potty training because they feel the tension. Regroup by preparing yoursel for potty training. You are most effective when you are feeling great about things, especially potty training.

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