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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

The Birth of the Ego in Two Year Olds

In Deepak Chopra's book "The Way of the Wizard" he says, "The birth of ego is the birth of duality. It marks the beginning of opposites and thus the beginning of opposition." Two year olds show this stage very well especially when it comes to potty training. This causes some stress for them and the parent when it comes to potty training. It is during this time that children refuse to go to the potty and want to hide and use their diaper. To get through this stage many parents come up with creative ways to help their child understand that going to the potty is much better than using their diaper. However, it is because of this "ego" stage that two year olds earn the title "terrible twos". Tantrums develop and the word no becomes a word in the two year olds vocabulary. How does a parent handle this stage? Tell me how do you handle the "ego" stage with your two year old?



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